Room Boole, Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, USA
09h00 Welcome and Introduction
09h05 Keynote Talk
Quantifying the Quality of Immersive Experiences
B. Prabhakaran, Dep. of Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Session Chair: Wei Tsang Ooi, National University of Singapore, SG
10h00 Session - Design and Applications of Alternate Realities
Session Chair: Teresa Chambel, LASIGE, F. Ciências, Univ. de Lisboa, PT
10h00 Towards Creating a Body of Evidence-based Interactive Digital Narrative Design Knowledge: Approaches and Challenges
Christian Roth, NL; and Hartmut Koenitz, NL
10h20 Developing a Multi-Device Immersive TV-Experience: User Expectations and Practices
Wendy Van den Broeck, BE; Pau Pamplona, ES; and Sergi Fernandez, ES
10h40 Coffee Break & Demos
11h00 Session - Quality of Immersive Experiences
Session Chair: Wendy van den Broeck, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, BE
11h00 Quality of Alternate Reality Experience and Its QoE Influencing Factors
Chenyan Zhang, NO; Aud Sissel Hoel, NO; and Andrew Perkis, NO
11h20 Bandwidth Reduction of Omnidirectional Viewport-Dependent Video Streaming via Subjective Quality Assessment
Igor D.D. Curcio, FI; Henri Toukomaa, FI; and Deepa Naik, FI
11h40 Subjective Evaluation of an Olfaction Enhanced Immersive Virtual Reality Environment
Darragh Egan, IE; Niall Murray, IE; Conor Keighrey, IE; John Barrett, IE; Christian Timmerer, AT; and Yuansong Qiao, IE
11h50 Fishbowl Discussion & Wrap-Up
Session Chairs: Wei Tsang Ooi, SG; and Teresa Chambel, PT
12h30 End